Contact Us 100 Birney St, Peabody, MA 01960 +1 (978) 854-6730 +1 (978) 854-6378 Complete auto body and Wheel repairsRepairing vehicle damage requires utilizing specialists for specific tasks.Our technicians are superiorly trained in all aspects of collision and rim repair.These specialists rely on their training and knowledge to determine how to repair the body of each damaged vehicle.Draw your sketch of an accident online -Diagram of Accident SceneFive Star Rims is Peabody wheel customization specialty shop.Our services include Auto Body Repair and Painting, Wheel Repair, Wheel Painting, Wheel Machine Finish, Wheel Straightening, Wheel Welding, caliper painting, rim repair in Peabody MA.Indeed, many car accident cases are pretty straightforward and do not require any expert help at all.



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Our full restoration & custom finishes will get them to new… We offer state of the art POWDER COATING, unlike our competitors our powder-coated finishes are much more durable and long-lasting!

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We have worked for the past years to create what we would like to call the best customer experience in the nation. We understand that you are looking for an economical and high quality repair. Our team led by professionals, will work to ensure that all of your automotive and rim repair needs are well taken care of.