Complete auto body and Wheel repairs

Repairing vehicle damage requires utilizing specialists for specific tasks.
Our technicians are superiorly trained in all aspects of collision and rim repair.

About Us

Five Star Rims is Peabody wheel customization specialty shop.

Our services include Auto Body Repair and Painting, Wheel Repair, Wheel Painting, Wheel Machine Finish, Wheel Straightening, Wheel Welding, caliper painting, rim repair in Peabody MA.

We know time is sensitive for many of our clients so we offer same day service and the fastest turn around in the area.

We take the racing mentality when it comes to speed and style. We focus on precision for reliability and perfection.

What We Offer

Our services include, Auto body, Wheel repair, Wheel painting, Wheel machine finish, Caliper painting, windshield repair, full detailing in Peabody MA.

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Wheel Painting

Wheel Repair

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Why Choose Us

We at 5 Star understand how stressful it can be when you are involved in an auto mobile accident, that’s why we are here for you. We work will all insurance companies making sure your vehicle is fixed and brought back to pre accident conditions. With more then 15 years of experience our priority is removing the hassle and headaches this troubling and unpredictable times can cause while you focus on what matters most, your well-being. Give us a call today !

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What Client Say

Sebe Quindeler
Sebe Quindeler
They did an amazing job on my car. Very friendly, patient and offered a very affordable price! Can’t thank them enough!
Matt Rohr
Matt Rohr
Unfortunately, I experienced far from five star results with five star rims and auto body. I’ve only had curbed wheels refinished once before at another shop which is now closed (would’ve gone to them first), and it was $100 and took about 30 minutes, they did the service while i waited in their waiting room. With five star rims, it took three days and twice the cost. While the actual refinishing job was done adequately, my car came back filthy both on the outside and somehow on the inside as well. There also a fair amount of gravel and dirt lodged in the rear diffuser of my car too which makes me think they backed it up into a dirt mound. Additionally they must have lost my original factory valve caps, and replaced them with very cheap looking valve caps which now mismatch between the front and back wheels. Lastly and most annoying, they did not put air back in the tires after working on the wheels, and the PSI was down to 33 (should be 42) and made for a very nerve wracking drive home as I stressed out about possibly flatting my tires or damaging my wheels again since they couldn’t bother to fill my tires back up. Overall, unfortunately will be avoiding this shop going forward, I should have noticed the multiple reviews with the exact same language inflating their review base.
CiCi Galore
CiCi Galore
I called to see if i can fix a bent rim on my tire and the Brazilian woman on the phone was very hostile and rude to me in regards to when i would get my tires back. I was just asking general questions about their repair shop and see how they operate and the lasy on the phone almost bit my head off. I've never heard of a rim repair shop having to keep your rims for up to 2 days to fix a bent rim and not even offer you a spare tire. I went and called another rim repair shop near me and they were able to fix my bent rim in 1 hour and mind you it was a very busy rim repair shop. IF YOU WANT TO BE SCOLDED ABOUT THEIR RULES, DONT COME HERE UPDATE: You see the response I got ladies and gentlemen from the owner below not only did he call me a racist but he dismissed claims that I even called the shop. This is what I mean by rude customer service it’s no wonder that woman on the phone was rude to me tell me this 🤔..who was I speaking to on February 26 2024 Monday at 9:45am.. look at the female employees that’s on your staff and tell me if I’m making the call up …granted I shouldn’t have assumed that she was Brazilian based off of her accent but that doesn’t make me a racist. what you need to do is take accountability and educate your employees to not be hostile to potential customers
Adelcio Martins
Adelcio Martins
Os melhores de peabody. atendimento ótimo. Trabalho excelente Super recomendo
Ray Williams
Ray Williams
Nice shop that does great repairs.
Jeff Starion
Jeff Starion
I had a great experience at Five Star Rims. I have a 7 series BMW. My rims look better than ever. Stacy was great to work with. She kept me updated on the work being done. They finished before the estimated time to complete it. I highly recommend them.
Jon Restaino
Jon Restaino
That sidewalk came out of nowhere and my rims took the hard damage. After a friend’s recommendation I checked out 5-Star Rims. From start to perfect finish, Lu and his team were nothing but 5-star. In less than a day they had me back on the road and looking sharp. Appreciate their expectation management, best price in the area, and fast turnaround. The images speak for themselves.
I can’t say enough good things about Five Star wheel repair. My wheels look better than new. Stacy was great to work with. She kept me updated every step of the way. The crew did an amazing job and the turnaround was super fast. If you need your wheels repaired don’t hesitate to use these guys you won’t be sorry.